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Anilox rollers

With 5600sq Ft facility, Anilox Laser Technology has installed the very latest RH Optronic FibreOptic Ultra Laser System with capability of engraving in excess of 790L/cm (2000Lpi) and 4700mm face length.

Their ceramic coating is produced using the Tri-Plex II plasma system. This guarantees porosity of less than 1% and hardness in excess of 1600 Vickers (>99% Cr203) giving improved durability and improved cell volume release.

The Fibre Optic Ultra Engraving System has a unique pulse method allowing multi-burn of the Anilox cell resulting in consistent cell shape and improved release characteristics.

All Anilox rollers and sleeves are manufactured using the highest quality materials and developed with a unique lightweight construction.

Using following link you can find more details about our business partner Anilox Laser technology https://www.aniloxlt.co.uk/about