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Label Expo 2017


This year’s LabelExpo Europe, 24th to 28th Septemer in Brussels, was a perfect opportunity for AMS AG Intercoat to present „Hot As Ice“, the company’s label program for packaging processes under extreme temperature conditions to visitors from all over the world.

„HOT“ are Intercoat’s Pasteurizable labels fit for food packings that require pasteurization before packaging. These labels have been approved in trickling water pasteurization processes at 98°C for 2 hours as well as in water bath at 100°C for 1,5 hours.

„ICE“-resistant are the Deep Freeze labels that show a compelling performance on moist, damp and frozen surfaces. The labels can be applied in deep freeze temperatures down to -20°C and also resist any other watery condition e. g. due to condensation when food containers leave the cooling chambers.

Further innovative products presented at the show included the newly developed Multi-talent Topcoat for both UV-Inkjet as well as converntional printing processes an the super thin polyester liner XP23 guarantees high-speed production processes and small carbon footprints

„With 1.000 visitors at our stand and a considerate number of sales contracts this year’s LabelExpo Europe was a great success for us“, Jens-Peter Schumann, Sales & Marketing Director sums up. „We had a great time during the four days and would like to thank all our customers, partners and friends for their visit. It has been a pleasure to host you all personally at our stand with exquisite wines and ice cream and we are looking forward to continued successful business with all of you.“



Label Expo 2017 was a great success for Kocher+Beck.

For decades, the printing industry has relied on premium products from Kocher+Beck.
Our portfolio includes high-precision flexible dies, tailor-made magnetic cylinders, reliable printing and hot-stamping cylinders, sophisticated pressure measurement systems, intelligent TecScreen screen printing plates and innovative splicers.
Tools and systems from Kocher+Beck are made to satisfy the highest demands.

We are especially proud to present an array of exciting new innovations as a part of the 2017 LABELXPO.

The TecScreen division of Kocher+Beck shows new mesh types and showcase an impressively reengineered mounting device.

Also featured at the show is the newest generation of Kocher+Beck 3L – Laser Long Life flexible dies. Our special laser hardening technology in combination with our patented die-line polishing process offers outstanding results in terms of durability and reliability.

Another innovation is our QuickChange® cutting unit, which allows set-up changes on your magnetic cylinder during running jobs as well as the exchange of magnetic cylinders within seconds.

Furthermore, we showcasing our Winding Technology innovations both at our booth as well as at the Automation Arena located just across the hall. The UR Precision nonstop equipment ensures an uninterrupted supply of material to your printing and finishing process. Live demos are held regularly at our booth and can be requested on-demand.



Labelexpo Europe 2017 proved to be another successful event for Mark Andy and our global network of distributors. Unveiling new technologies in digital and flexo equipment, crowds were both impressed and eager to learn more about the new wave of dedicated hybrid equipment brought to Brussels, Belgium. With dozens of signed contracts on the show floor, global reach of Mark Andy and Rotoflex equipment continues to spread.

This year’s booth featured Mark Andy’s digital and flexo options. Additionally, live demos of the Digital Series and Performance Series presses allowed potential customers to see in-action the updated capabilities of each press. Digital One demos spanned throughout the day and drew large crowds to the booth as well.

Demonstrations of the enhanced Performance Series P7 were well received by attendees during the four day show. Two designated demos were run on the award-winning narrow-web platform, showcasing flexible packaging applications and true hybrid production with Digital Plus Screen. Digital Plus Screen, an inline digital print bar launched at the event, serves as cost-effective alternative to traditional rotary screen.

Utilizing the same printheads and ink chemistry as Digital Series, the new unit delivers richly pigmented output with the added capability of printing reverse text, barcodes, and sequential numbers in a single pass. This new product reinforces the core message of Mark Andy’s Digital Plus program- that the benefits of digital printing are accessible to any converter, even those who primarily run flexo equipment.

Flexible packaging was a topic of discussion at this years event. Once a market off-limits for narrow web converters, food-safe flex pack jobs are right in the wheelhouse of those who chose to invest in an enhanced Performance Series press. This leap into new markets is made possible by an in-line solventless lamination process, which reduces pot-life issues of adhesive and costly downtime for offline curing. During this demo, two flexible packaging jobs were run by reverse printing on PET, laminating with the proprietary Mark Andy system, all while using low-migration LED inks.

Hybrid was a key point of focus for the company this year, with a core message that digital and flexo no longer are conflicting processes. With nearly 800,000 lines of code fueling a hybrid press, Mark Andy chose digital and flexo press elements from a single source, integrating them into a true OEM hybrid label printing solution in the Digital Series platform. True digital hybrid presses feature seamless in-line converting and finishing, all with the flexibility of digital, proving to be single-pass profit centers that are transforming the market.

Digital Series demonstrations showcased 3 high-speed job changeovers and 3 different substrates (traditional white semi-gloss, clear-on-clear PP and a grade 8 estate stock) using 3 different dies. The first job was a health and beauty application demonstrating the Digital Series’ true hybrid printing flexibility, featuring a gold flexographic ink that cannot be printed digitally. This high-end health and beauty label showcased the innate ability of the Digital Series hybrid press to print skin tones with ease, forgetting the “orange peel” effect seen in some competitor samples. Digital Series demo jobs printed also included a wine label printed on an estate paper and microbrew labels printed on a semi-gloss stock with VDP elements.

Digital Series demos also introduced QCDC-SR, a semi-rotary adaptation of the industry-recognized QCDC (Quick Change Die Cut) platform. QCDC-SR lets converters to cut varying repeats from the same magnetic die cylinder which in turn enables reductions in waste and downtime. Stand attendees turned their attention to the “big screen” for an educational, step by step animation shedding better light on the die cutting advancement.

Labelexpo 2017 marked the formal European debut of Digital One, a small footprint digital press launched to market Q3 of 2016.  Digital One garnered interest with its entry level versatility, affordable price point, and in-line finishing. Demo jobs, consisting of colorful craft beer and seed art files, were printed using CMYK digital print and a holographic cast and cure cold foil from Kurz. Adhesive for the cold foil was housed in a multi-purpose flexo deck just outside the digital print engine, and proves the hybrid nature of the technology. Takeaway samples for the press included prime labels as well as applications outside of the traditional label market, such as printed menus and event wristbands.

Mark Andy has seen exponential growth in the European market, furthering global reach and contributing to the company’s success at Labelexpo. Working with global distributors, Mark Andy is successfully expanding true hybrid capability into new markets. Overall, turnout at the Mark Andy stand exceeded expectations. Mark Andy would like to thank all those who participated in Labelexpo Europe 2017, from distributors to partners to employees. Events like Labelexpo Europe 2017 bring exciting opportunities to interact with global partners and make new connections in the printing and converting industry. Mark Andy looks forward to another great show next year.



The French SMAG Graphique, part of the SRAMAG group, is located in Savigny sur Orge, just south of Paris. The company, employing sixty people, is specialized in the development, production and sales of machines for digital and conventional printing, converting and finishing of roll to roll labels.

SMAG is established in 1980, originally to build machines for industrial bookbinding equipment. In the nearly forty years that followed, the company built a worldwide network of agents and distributors. The company is run by the second generation. SMAG installs machines all over the world and closes strategic partnerships with leading suppliers.

Today’s focus lies on the label market and adhesive labels. Forty percent of the production is destined for the French market. The same percentage finds its way to the rest of Europe. The remaining twenty percent of the export takes place outside Europe.

The company has five graphic product groups: digital converting equipment, printing, slitting & inspection, converting and auxilliaries.

Digital Galaxie Generation III

SMAG’s latest flagship is the Digital Galaxie Generation III. The machine has a modular structure and can operate with various printing techniques. For instance rotary or semi-rotary UV Flexo, high speed flatbed silk screen printing (25m/min), high speed hot stamping & embossing, semi-rotary die cutting and rewinding. Other modules such as for applying varnish, foil or 3-d effects, can be added. The machine reaches a speed of 25 to 60 meters per minute. By combining different types of modules, printers take advantage of high flexibility and high-end quality.

E-Cut Generation III:
Another interesting new machine is, besides the extensive Digital Galaxie, the E-cut Generation III. This compact rotary and semi-rotary narrow web servo converting press (330 mm and 530mm) is at its best on the digital label market. The short setup times, the combination of high speed (70m/min) and the user friendly operation with lots of options offered in standard deliver a highly productive machine.

This machine is not only available under SMAG label, but also under private label under the name Durst EFS 330. This machine is equipped with a proven technology Durst-engine that ensures extremely flexible and very efficient finishing.